Acts of September 7 divide the opinions of famous people; see repercussion – Young Pan


Personalities such as Humberto Martins, Antonia Fontenelle, Maisa Silva and Tatá Werneck have positioned themselves on social networks

Reproduction/Instagram/@ladyfotenelle @juliette @humbertomartinsJair Bolsonaro base occupied the streets of the country this Tuesday, 7; President spoke in Brasilia and São Paulo

This Tuesday, the president’s support base Jair Bolsonaro occupied the streets in acts all over the country. Among the main focuses of the demonstrations is the city of São Paulo e Brasilia. On the other hand, the famous were divided between messages and videos against and in support of the president. Antonia Fontenelle, in a publication on social networks, supported the acts and stated that the Brazil faces a spiritual crisis never seen in history. “That’s my broken, heartbroken. We are living in dark moments, a spiritual struggle never seen in the history of my country. But one thing is fact: the good will always win. I look forward to a beautiful smile on September 7th. Live the freedom! Long live independence! Brazil above all.” The ex-BBB Juliette Freire he stated on his Twitter that he wants a plural and democratic country. “Independence is freedom. My desire today and always is for a Brazil that respects the Democratic Rule of Law, democracy and plurality. ‘The certainty in front, the story in hand’.”

The actor Humberto Martins he also took a stand in favor of the demonstrations on his Instagram. “Brazil, once very bruised and debilitated, now flies with its nature thirsty for freedom and prosperity. Fly Brazil!” Besides him, the singer Latino supported with a parody of his hit “Baby, Me Leva”, calling for demonstrations. The presenter and actress Maisa Silva published an image in an ironic tone, associating the date of the protests with the price of gasoline. Already Tata Werneck, presenter of Lady Night, shared on her Instagram an image in a critical tone of people living on the streets next to pocketnarista protesters in Brasília.