Adriane Galisteu reveals that she also supports ‘Power Couple’: ‘In the last DR, I went out to vote’ – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Pânico, the presenter confessed that her greatest difficulty is being neutral; the actress and former model also commented on the possibility of running the next edition of ‘A Fazenda’

Playback / Youtube / Power CoupleAdriane Galisteu does not hide the difficulty of being neutral while conducting the realily show

The host of the fifth season of Power Couple, Adriane Galisteu, revealed the difficulties of presenting a reality show in an interview with the program Panic, gives Young pan, this Thursday, the 27th. “My biggest difficulty is being neutral. It is one thing to be a viewer, it is another thing to be there with the microphone in your hand and not to pull a sardine. When you’re there, you put yourself in people’s shoes, ”he said. Galisteu confessed that, despite trying to be neutral, there is a secret crowd in the program. “In the last DR, I went crazy. I went out to vote and even told them that I voted. Do you know when you go wrong in the middle of the road? The excitement of being a first-timer in this universe appears, but it also shows how much I like to present this program ”, he said. Just as it is inevitable not to cheer, the former model admitted to having rancidity of some couples. “We get some ‘rancinhos’, right? But I change rancid, because reality is a little like that, it is a little us. We are not the same all the time, ”said Galisteu.

The wave of “virtual cancellations”, however, does not scare Galisteu. “I think this is a panic that people are experiencing. But really, I’m from another generation. My fear was of ‘Notícias Populares’, of giving an interview and being in a panic for a week waiting for her to go out, read and see that it had nothing to do with what I had said ”, recalled the presenter, who was successful in the years 2000 presenting “É Show”, on Record TV. “I’m not too concerned. Of course, I get scared, because I survived for 7 years that I was off the air with my social networks. Engagement is very important to me, but I don’t like this ‘mimimi’ of cancellation. I think people have a chance to make mistakes, to reinvent themselves and to apologize ”, he explained. The program is not afraid to take any chances and aired intimate moments of one of the couples. “There was a whimpering and I think it was Record TV’s top 10 to have put it on the air. I thought it was great and I think that’s the idea of ​​reality. They are confined couples. What do we expect? Let there be fire on the sheet, bullshit on the mattress, but we also want a ‘love’ ”, he confessed.

The Power Couple has already won over the audience, but the presenter believes that the success may be even greater. “I think he can grow [em audiência]. The program is made by the participants and I think we have a mixture of very good people there. But, of course, it depends on the public ”, pointed out the ex-model, who believes that the pandemic was an important factor for the increase in the audience of reality in the last year. “One of the reasons for the success is that we experienced it. The pandemic brought some of that feeling of confinement. ” And, talking about reality shows, Galisteu does not rule out the possibility of being the next presenter of “The farm“. She believes that the broadcaster will choose a male name, but is inclined to accept the challenge if invited. “I’m in the crowd, cheer for me,” he asked the audience. In addition to Galisteu, names like Caio Castro, Otaviano Costa, Celso Zucatelli and Luciano Szafir are being considered for the command of the program.