After a video by Juliana Paes, the web creates a ‘war on Projac’ and a ‘hunt for pocketnarists’


Projac, former name of Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro, entered the list of the most talked about topics on Twitter this Thursday (3). After Juliana Paes published a video in which she denies being a supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, netizens began a “hunt for pocketnaristas”, with the right to a “war” located in the main production hub of the station.

In the opinion of users of the social network, the starting point for the supposed confrontation were the Stories by Samantha Schmütz, in which the actress published content critical of people who remain exempt in current political and social discussions.

These messages were interpreted as a response to Juliana’s content and an ultimatum to the other hired by the station. Thus, this “political confrontation” came to be seen as another internet joke. “Samantha Schmütz needled someone and ended up exposing the Projac gang,” said Bruna Gonçalves.

“And what about Samantha Schmütz, who didn’t even have to make a lot of effort and revealed the hate office that exists inside Projac? Rumors that Globo has already canceled the recording of the year-end special”, mocked Saymon Lopes, referring to the alleged practice of virtual lynching performed by the president’s sons.

Thus, those who defended the protagonist of A Dona do Pedaço (2019), such as Agatha Moreira, Leticia Spiller, Marcos Palmeira and Gloria Perez, would be on the “pocketnarist side”. Meanwhile, former globals Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank; Leticia Sabatella and Samantha herself would be part of the “left group”.

Due to the current political polarization in the country, the next chapter of the war is pointed out as the face-to-face meeting of the station’s contractors. “Can you imagine the Projac’s year-end party this year? The party is really going to be ours,” joked a netizen identified as Mauricio. “Next year, you don’t even need a BBB. Just open the cameras in the corridors of the Projac”, suggested Matheus Cassano.

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