After accusing him of racism, Mario Frias rebuts: ‘Every dirty person needs a bath’


Mario Frias used social media to rebut the accusations of racism this Thursday (15), after saying that historian Jones Manoel, who is black, “needed a good shower”. After the negative repercussions, the Special Secretary for Culture, from the government of Jair Bolsonaro (no party), used his official profile to justify himself.

“Every dirty person needs to bathe and there is no person dirtier than the one who wishes and celebrates the death of a democratically elected head of state while praising a genocide like Stalin,” argued the former actor.

The secretary’s position, however, generated even more anger in the comments. “Your president not only celebrated but is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths among Brazilians. Genocidal government,” said lawyer Tamires Sampaio. “This was the best excuse you’ve invented?”, joked a user identified as Valmir.

The accusation of racism involving Frias began after he commented in a publication that questioned who Jones Manoel was. “I really don’t know. But if I did, I’d say he needs a good shower,” Frias replied.

In view of the repercussion and accusations of racial prejudice, the comment made by the secretary was removed from Twitter.