After BBB21, Gilberto plans to return to Recife with a fire engine


Gilberto Nogueira has already started planning his return to Recife, Pernambuco, after leaving Big Brother Brasil 21. This Thursday (18th), in conversation with Fiuk, Sarah Andrade and Caio Afiune, the economist confessed that he wants to be received in the city in great style, with the presence of the Fire Department car.

“I want to arrive in Recife and be welcomed by the fire engine, I want to!”, Said the economist, and his speech amused the brothers. “Ah, I don’t know anymore,” replied Rodolffo Matthaus’s ally, and the publicist added: “It’s good to do a deal like that in Anápolis [cidade natal de Caio], you can do it “.

“Someone has to do it, but I don’t know if there will be this train, no”, questioned the Goiano. “Pink has arrived [assim]”, said Gilberto in reference to Tati Pink, a BBB5 participant.

During the conversation, the doctoral student celebrated his stay in the game and pointed out that, if he escapes the next two marbles, he will arrive in the final stretch of the competition. Confined people also speculated about the game’s next dynamics.

“If you are going to wait for two eliminations to take place in the same week, you have the elimination on Tuesday and the next one [do jeito que está]. Then, it has to be two or three eliminations per week “, said Caio.

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