After Covid’s cases, the judo delegation says they feel safe in a hotel


The judo team that will represent the Brazil US Tokyo Olympic Games said on Thursday she felt safe preparing for the event after seven employees of the hotel where they are staying in the city of Hamamatsu tested positive for Covid-19, without any member of the delegation being infected.

Team leader Ney Wilson stated that the team is completely isolated in the hotel, with virtually no contact with the employees, and that even the training takes place in a kind of bubble, in which the athletes have no contact with the outside world.

“Today we live in a hotel where there is only us,” Wilson said at an online press conference direct from Japan. “We can’t even touch the elevator button, there’s someone there to touch the button,” added the team leader , stating that the delegation had some irritation with the rigidity of the protocols.

“These are the Patience Games,” he said.

Wilson explained that, during training, athletes are in a kind of “cage”, separated by a glass from the outside public, which can watch the training sessions, but not have contact with the athletes.