After criticism about her appearance, Luiza Brunet rebuts: ‘I’ve already asked for another identity’ – Prime Time Zone


Internet users wrote that the artist is unrecognizable because of aesthetic procedures


Luiza Brunet posted a photo with her new haircut

The actress Luiza Brunet received reviews on the internet about his appearance after posting a photo on his Instagram. A follower stated that, because of aesthetic procedures, the model had lost her identity. Other netizens did the same and said they no longer recognized the actress. “I haven’t really identified it in the photo, but it looks beautiful with or without a matching,” wrote one. “Looks like someone else,” pointed out another. “Wow, in search of facial harmonization, he lost his identity”, needled one more. Good-humored, Luiza countered the comments: “I’ve already asked for another identity, don’t worry. But thanks for the affection”. Despite the criticisms about the plastic works carried out by the artist, the post showed Luiza posing with a new haircut.