After criticizing Bolsonaro, Xuxa asks the president’s supporters: ‘Stop following me’ – Prime Time Zone


The presenter shared opinions by sending a message to the governor, who was barred from entering the stadium to follow the Santos game because he did not have the vaccine passport

Reproduction/Instagram/xuxameneghel/07.07.2021Xuxa divided opinions when criticizing Bolsonaro for not taking the vaccine

the presenter Xuxa Meneghel foi parar nos assuntos mais comentados do Twitter nesta terça-feria, 12, por fazer um post no Instagram rebatendo o presidente Jair Bolsonaro, que não pode assistir ao jogo do Santos contra o Grêmio, que aconteceu no último domingo, 10, por não possui the vaccine passport. The artist posted an excerpt from an interview with Bolsonaro in which he said: “I wanted to see Santos’ game now and they told me that I have to be vaccinated. Why that? I have more antibodies than those who took the vaccine”. In the caption, Xuxa gave an answer to the president who divided opinions.

“I will answer you why Mr. President, because we are in a pandemic, because the law is for everyone, because that way we protect people, because 600,000 people have already died, because we need to follow what scientists, doctors and the world organization of health demands and demands from everyone in the world, because anyone who doesn’t do this and doesn’t follow the world’s rules is genocidal”, wrote the presenter in the caption of the post. Already imagining the criticism he would receive from the current president’s supporters, Xuxa declared: “There are people who will want to argue. Please, stop following me, stop talking to me and you who are in favor of life, sign the impeachment now”. While some followers said they feel represented by the presenter, others criticized her. “When the page becomes politics, it’s gone. The admiration for you continues, but it fails to follow,” wrote one person. “Respecting your opinion by failing to follow,” added another.