After imitating Gloria Groove, Xanddy chooses the singer as his ‘double’; understand


Surprised by Gloria Groove’s tribute at the Show dos Famousos, Xanddy already has plans for the singer. This Wednesday (8), the samba dancer praised the performance made on Domingão with Huck and said that the drag queen can replace him in some show.

“So far I’m impacted by this presentation by Gloria Groove. I even know who to turn to when I can’t go to a show, it’s going to be you, get ready!”, warned Xanddy to the artist during her participation in the Encontro com Fátima Bernardes.

In the report, Carla Perez’s husband pointed out the similarities found in the imitation: “He did everything, even the gestures, the way to take the microphone, the sideways smile. These are somewhat involuntary things that we have, but that we notice clearly when we see someone introducing themselves as you”.

“Your grade is 100! The whole of Brazil will be following and cheering for you! Kiss in your heart and thank you for the beautiful tribute”, added the singer, while sending a message to the contestant led by Luciano Huck.

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