After Mion’s legacy, Galisteu seeks inspiration in rodeos for A Fazenda 13


New responsible for managing the fire in the hay in A Fazenda 13, Adriane Galisteu knows that she will face a great challenge: overcoming the language that Marcos Mion implemented in the reality show. Therefore, the presenter decided to seek inspiration in rural characteristics and in rodeos to build her own brand in the dispute of the famous for R$ 1.5 million.

“I’ll use other expressions. I’m getting a lot of inspiration from the rodeo tones, I’m taking a look at Asa Branca [1962-2020], looking for things more in the root to bring it back in A Fazenda,” said Galisteu in a press interview about the new season of the reality show.

In the presentation, the blonde reinforced the legacy built by the now owner of Caldeirão, on Globo: “Mion gave a name, gave a show, it was very wonderful. I wish him all the success in the world and now I have to find my way. I don’t keep looking to see what went right and copy it, I’ll try another way. Find my path, my tone, that’s going to happen.”

After working at Power Couple Brasil, the Record contractor admits that she sees the rural dispute as a “super challenge”. “It’s the biggest reality show of all, the most beloved in Brazil. I’m very prepared, ready to start, may other challenges come and let it be in 2022. I don’t want to stop! Now that I’ve held this little animal [o microfone], I don’t want to let go anymore”, he warned.

“My high has always been this: television, doing live, microphone in hand, communicating. This is my gasoline. With my experience, I hope I don’t screw it up, don’t screw up the program. I have a team with me to help me,” added the blonde.

I told the [Rodrigo] Carelli: ‘I am, in my heart and soul, really, totally surrendered.’ Of course there’s a fear, as I had there in Power Couple, to replace Gugu Liberato [1959-2019], because he is irreplaceable. I stop to think, I even forget that he died, he’s an irreplaceable guy, and that’s Mion too, the other presenters. I watched from A Fazenda Root, with Britto Jr., Roberto Justus…

Record realities director, Carelli also celebrated the partnership with Adriane Galisteu in this new phase of the rural dispute. “She has been a fan of reality TV for a long time and has this incredible experience as a presenter. I use to joke that it is like riding a bicycle, she was stationary for a long time, but when she comes back, she comes back with everything. Galisteu has a very quick understanding and he collaborates a lot, he understands, he is together with the team”, he pointed out.

Fazenda 13 opens on Tuesday (14) and will feature 94 episodes, shown every day by Record. Already confirmed in the cast: Victor Pecoraro, Mussunzinho, Liziane Gutierrez, Tati Quebra Barraco, Nego do Borel, Arcrebiano de Araújo (Bil) and Mileide Mihaile.

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