After No Limit, Gui Napolitano tells us about the recordings: ‘Mud was terrible’


After the end of No Limite 5 recordings, Guilherme Napolitano rediscovered his girlfriend Catherine Bascoy and told some of the struggles faced in the reality of Globo. This Thursday (27), the journalist said he was covered in sand several times and warned: “The mud was terrible”.

“That mud there was terrible. One thing I wanted, but I couldn’t, I wish I had a bathtub to see the color of the water [depois do banho]. It would stay there soaking (laughs). My God, the business was ugly “, said the ex-BBB in a video published on the YouTube channel of the beloved.

In the chat with the ex-De Férias com Ex, Napolitano commented about the bad nights during the reality show: “What had sand in my beard, in my hair. I slept and had a lot. It was what I accumulated the most, sand on the head and beard “.

“Not even for the prize I would go to this reality, never! I admire you even more for everything you’ve been through”, said the digital influencer, and the model reinforced: “It was very worth the experience”.

Catherine pointed out that, before confinement, she received a bouquet of flowers from her lover. Therefore, she decided to return the gift to the member of the Carcará Tribe. “You went without food, you went through many sausages. You deserve it!”, She said.

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