After Patricia Pillar, Zélia Duncan criticizes Neymar: ‘Pay your taxes’ – Prime Time Zone


Singer spoke on social media after the player asked in an interview to be respected

Zélia Duncan said that Neymar is a disappointment as a citizen

The singer Zelia Duncan, just like the actress Patricia Pillar, used social media to criticize the player Neymar. In a Twitter post, she wrote: “I’m not a football player, but Neymar seems to me so far a promise as an athlete and a disappointment as a citizen. Want respect? Give yourself to him and show him service. Oh, and pay your taxes.” It is noteworthy that the football player has been involved in allegations of tax evasion. After the match between Brazil and Peru that took place last Saturday, the 10th, the forward spoke in an interview with Globo that he often does not feel respected.

In addition to giving her opinion about the athlete’s speeches, Zélia also shared publications made by the actress who starred in hits such as “A Favorita”. “Neymar disappoints me more every day”, commented the actress after the player declared that it would be an honor to surpass Pelé in the number of goals for the Brazilian team. He even hit Patricia. “Oh, I have to stop scoring now (laughs)”. The actress answered the player and Zélia also replied: “For the sake of empathy and politeness, it was not time to say that I would pass Pelé in the artillery. These are the delicacies of life that maybe you haven’t learned yet”. Pelé has been hospitalized in São Paulo since August 31, as he discovered a tumor in the colon and had to undergo surgery.