After Power Couple Brasil, Deborah asks for help from fans for a spot at A Fazenda 13


Vice-champion of Power Couple Brasil 5, Deborah Albuquerque started to ask her fans for help to win a place in A Fazenda 13. This Tuesday (27), the member of the phoenix couple said she could enter the rural competition of Record if the public wants it there.

“There are a lot of people talking about this, about participating in The Farm. I just left Power Couple. I don’t know, let’s see. If the public really wants to, then I’ll do it for you, but it’s for you!”, commented Deborah in Instagram Stories.

During the interaction with fans, the redhead announced that she intends to participate in other programs and that she also aims to become a TV presenter. “I love television,” she said.

Asked about the fight with Li Martins and JP Mantovani after the reality show, Deborah again complained about the comments of the former allies. “For now, I have no desire [de fazer as pazes]. What was said about me was pretty heavy. I answered a tenth of what they said, I’m not going to talk about it anymore,” she pointed out.

“Very serious things were said about us, and they keep saying it. We are not going to do the same, we are not going to lower ourselves”, she added.

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