After resigning live, anchor wins lawsuit against Globo and pockets millions


The Regional Labor Court of the 7th Region of Fortaleza (CE) won the case for presenter Kaio Cezar in a lawsuit filed against Globo and three other companies: TV Verdes Mares (Globo affiliate in Ceará), TV Diário (local TV of Sistema Verdes Mares) and Rádio Verdes Mares (the group’s radio). The professional must pocket around R$ 2 million in compensation — the calculation will still be completed by the Court.

Kaio Cezar was known for having resigned live in an edition of Globo Esporte on February 16, 2019. At the time, he accused director Paulo César Norões, former director of institutional relations at Sistema Verdes Mares, of committing harassment and damages morals. In the process, Cezar was able to prove the constraints made against him and his wife.

“I’m very happy,” the narrator told the TV news. The column had access to the conviction. The case was judged by labor judge Adalberto Ellery Barreira Neto. Cezar claimed, among other things, that Globo took advantage of the workforce and barely supervised the situation to which he and his colleagues were subjected on TV Verdes Mares in SporTV and Premiere broadcasts.

The presenter and his lawyers reported in the process that the journalist was not paid for work he did on pay TV, as in the 2014 World Cup. In this coverage, he was responsible for coordinating live entries on SporTV.

According to the action, Globosat (the programmer who controls Globo’s paid channels) transferred the money to Verdes Mares, which did not pay Kaio Cezar.

Another important point in which the broadcaster won in the action was in relation to the harassment practiced. In one of the cases, the journalist proved that Paulo César Norões told him to “take it up the ass” at a meeting within the Sistema Verdes Mares. The station claimed that this was normal in journalism newsrooms, which the labor judge refused.

In addition, Kaio Cezar reported that Norões made sexist comments against his wife because she has a child from a previous union. “This one is crazy, he takes a woman with a boy and makes another one in her (sic). He’s crazy!”, Norões would have said.

The magistrate agreed with Kaio Cezar’s allegations and commented:

I understand that the facts in question offended the honor and dignity of the claimant, with a swearing at the level of ‘go take it in the ass’, uttered at a meeting, and a sexist joke and in extreme bad taste involving the fact that the claimant’s wife has a child of previous unions, in the presence of co-workers, are not common facts and are even less compatible with the mutual respect that should permeate the employment relationship.

Presenter processed

During the labor process, Sistema Verdes Mares also decided to file a lawsuit against Kaio Cezar for having resigned live on Globo Esporte. The alleged reason was moral damages against the broadcaster. The Court did not agree and also won the case for the broadcaster in two instances.

With all the victories he had, Kaio Cezar should receive approximately R$ 2 million from the four defendant companies in the process. The amount of the damages is still being raised by the court that tried the case. The definition of the exact amount will come out in the coming weeks.

Wanted by TV news, Kaio Cezar confirmed celebrated the victory. “I am very happy. For having spoken the truth – which is the journalist’s duty – and denounced arbitrary acts. I faced many problems, including retaliation after I left. Seeing justice being done, in a way, washes my soul.” he said.

Globo was contacted and has not manifested itself so far.

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