After selling croissant in the pandemic, the presenter returns to TV and rejects ‘mimimi’


After spending the last two years dedicated to motherhood and the sale of breakfast baskets, Juliana Rocha is back on TV at Ver Mais, by RIC, an affiliate of Record in Maringá. The attraction was redesigned for the presenter and now does not need a sofa and even the “mimimi”. “Not to mention too complicated, not too politically correct because it’s not funny. Otherwise, we watch a Jornal Nacional”, says the youngest owner of afternoons in Paraná.

Juliana took a sabbatical period to take care of her youngest newborn daughter and ended up becoming a micro-entrepreneur. On his son João Luiz’s 12th birthday, I wanted to present him with a breakfast basket. “I had taken some courses on the internet about cake with American paste, I made a beautiful basket, with my croissant recipe, and posted it on the internet. There was no one for anyone”, he recalls.

After the celebration at home, the nutritionist and presenter found herself swallowed by a niche in the city of Paraná where she lives. His handcrafted product starts at R$ 240. “I sell it every day until today. I’m absurdly obsessed with the perfection of it because, in my despair, without television, it was my livelihood. I have to respect whoever buys it”, says the communicator.

Back on television, Juliana will have the mission of filming Paraná, since the program will have little sofa and a lot of foot on the road. The objective of the daily magazine is to reach cities that also receive the signal from Maringá, such as Cianorte, Paranavaí, Campo Mourão, Sarandi and Paiçandu.

[A programação] It’s already there. So I can’t just focus here [em Maringá], he understood? Their proposal was: I want something different. How am I going to do something different inside the studio? There’s no way.

From Monday to Friday, from 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm, Ver Mais under the command of Juliana Rocha will be aimed at women, who account for 84% of the audience. There are 16 paintings, with themes such as healthy eating, fashion, decoration, home organization and travel.

Third way?

The owner believes that the entertainment schedule should escape from denser and more current issues such as feminism or politics, of which she is also little used. Because of the 1990-looking programming proposal, it doesn’t seem to be a woman’s issue.

“It’s something I don’t want to go into. I’ll never go in and, even if they asked me, I wouldn’t work with it: politics, religion… There are certain things that I, Juliana, have my own mind. I won’t confront no one and I’m not going to look for people who do that either. Because I don’t want the person to be disgusted, angry, from this idea that I’m putting up”, says the presenter, under the justification of not having a degree in Journalism.

Although without the air of journalistic reporting, Juliana Rocha promises to defend her ideas, thanks to her “dispatch” manner. “My way of putting my ideas to people is not delicate… My side is not journalistic, my side is not wanting to speak the cute words to people. Not me”, he describes.

When debating more sensitive and controversial issues, Juliana thinks of perhaps calling in specialists. But that in the future, when the audience gets used to the “Ju Rocha” way, which rejects the “mimimi”.

“How can we talk about feminism in a light way, in an excited way, without confronting people’s ideas? Because everyone thinks in a different way… My house won’t help me. I can’t get up. a flag about this in my house, and my husband is the boss,” he concludes. “So, it’s not just bringing up a subject. It’s like putting it to be easier to understand, you know?”