After the children’s request for interdiction, Cid Moreira and his wife publish a video: ‘Taking steps’ – Prime Time Zone


On social networks, the presenter said that Fátima Moreira, with whom he has been together for almost 21 years, takes care of him, but that he has authority in the house

Reproduction / Instagram / Ocidmoreira / 16.07.2021Presenter published a video alongside his partner, Fátima Moreira

The host Moreira Cid, 93, and his wife, Fatima Moreira, went to social networks to deny the accusations made by the children of Cid, Roger and Rodrigo, that the father was being held in private prison and having his freedom limited by his partner. According to information from the portal UOL, a process that asks for the interdiction of Cid and the arrest of Fátima was filed this Wednesday, 21, in the family court of Petrópolis, in the Rio de Janeiro. In the play, Cid’s children also say that he is unable to manage his assets and say that Fátima would have married the presenter “for economic interests”. “There are news that it attacks the elderly, leaves without medication, expired or spoiled food for 15 days in full prison, and the worst thing is, without your presence it disappears to shop and socialize with friends,” he says. an excerpt from the document.

In a video posted on social networks, the couple appears together and rebuts accusations of abuse. “You were my chosen one. Who takes care of me is you. Of course my opinion always prevails here. Otherwise I wouldn’t accept living with a woman if I didn’t have that authority. […] Above all, we are connected by love”, says Cid to Fátima. She, in turn, says that “the boys”, referring to their partner’s children, have their own stories to resolve and says they took action. “We are calling the lawyers. We are taking action and defending ourselves, yes. We are at peace. Sad but at peace. Everything will pass”, concludes Fátima.