Agatha Moreira pretends to be pregnant and records the reaction of her boyfriend, Rodrigo Simas; watch – Young Pan


Actress bought a pregnancy test and pretended to cry to try to deceive the artist

Reproduction / Instagram / agathaamoreiraa / 01.03.2021Agatha Moreira tried to ‘trick’ Rodrigo Simas saying she was pregnant

The actress Agatha Moreira, which recently radically changed its look for the recordings of “Secret Truths 2”, Decided to take advantage of the April Fools’ Day, celebrated on April 1, to pretend it was pregnant and deceive your boyfriend, the actor Rodrigo Simas. The artist even bought a pregnancy test and made a whole scene like she was desperate to try to convince her partner that they were going to be parents. “Try to ‘screw’ your boyfriend on April 1st and fail miserably (laughs),” wrote the actress on Instagram before explaining why her plan went wrong. “There was a pregnancy test on the bed, with just a dash, but I knew that Rodrigo Simas wouldn’t know the difference. The plan was being perfectly executed, until he entered the room and said: ‘It’s April 1st’! Aff, ”added the actress. Rodrigo was in doubt if Agatha was serious, but remembered that it was April Fool’s Day and, when asking the date to look into her eyes, she ended up laughing.