Aggression with Glass and Forgiveness After Fight: Actress Opens Game on Domestic Violence


Last week, actress Marcela Peringer, 40, had her life turned upside down. The artist, who is currently in the cast of the film A Flor da Gigóia with Babu Santana, saw her story of domestic violence exposed in the media. At the end of July, she filed a police report against businessman Carlos Eduardo Santos Albergaria. In the document, he reported having been the victim of aggression with a glass of wine.

According to his narrative, this was his second fury episode. The first time, the man asked for forgiveness. In love, she accepted.

On July 28, Marcela called the police after becoming a target of Albergaria in the couple’s apartment in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. According to the police report registered at the 32nd Police Station, the actress reported having been hit with a glass goblet resulting in a gash in her stomach. He, in turn, denied the violence, but confirmed the discussion. The fight would also have caused injuries to the ex-boyfriend

Everything would have happened in front of their guest. A friend of the artist was in the apartment with her 11-year-old daughter. According to the interpreter, the witness will testify in his favor.

To the TV news, the actress detailed the episode of aggression and the troubled relationship she had with the manager. With the BO done, she got a protective measure, and the ex couldn’t get close to her.

“This was the second time that [a agressão] it happened. He was arrested and only left when he posted bail. We had been living together for four months and dating for ten. He was always a bit aggressive and self-medicating. He loves to drink wine and drinks too much. He mixed it up and got jealous. My friend was here with her daughter, and he started yelling at her to go away,” she recalls.

“I took him to the bedroom and said: ‘You’re making me feel ashamed.’ I started filming everything so he could see what he had done later,” he says. The argument would have gotten out of hand with Albergaria using a glass goblet against her partner. “He ripped my belly with the rod [da taça]”, he narrates.

According to her, the first episode of violence happened a few months ago. However, the couple reconciled on his initiative. “The first time, he asked me to marry him: ‘Are we going to live together?’ [o apartamento]. The contract is in his name. I forgiven. The alliance came three days later [da agressão]. But now that he had this second attack, I didn’t admit it anymore”, he reinforces.

The other side

Sought, Carlos Eduardo Santos Albergaria spoke about the repercussions of the case. The businessman regrets the humiliating situation to which he was exposed. He denies domestic violence and counters that the victim was himself. It even reinforces that the criminal body exam confirmed the injuries on his body.

“It was a surprise when I came across this news in the newspaper. I was even more surprised when she had the attitude of lying about such facts, which never happened, and making this unfounded complaint. She was the one who attacked me. In fact, no it was the first time. In addition to physical aggression, I suffered psychological aggression. The criminal body exams prove it, because on my body there were numerous injuries, in addition to bites and scratches,” he says

Carlos Eduardo Santos Albergaria: bruises in the forensic examination (Photo: Reproduction)

“But the worst pain is the emotional one, because my intention was always to help her. I really liked her. She has alcohol dependence and takes controlled medication, also because of her obsessive and aggressive attitudes. However, I do. I had no way of knowing, because I met her on a love relationship app. I always believed that, through the treatments and affection she received from me and my family, she would change. Today, I realize that I was wrong,” she laments.

For the entrepreneur, the whole situation is an injustice. “I have no interest in having any kind of contact with her, be it of any kind. I’m feeling humiliated. This is a vexing situation, not only for me, but for my friends and family, who have always warned me about her and they are suffering with me because of this injustice”, he concludes.

After the complaint, the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro rejected the request for protective measure for Marcela. “No proof of the materiality of the crime was attached, nor any testimonial evidence, even though the fact took place in the presence of a witness”, analyzed prosecutor Guilherme Macabu Semeghini.

In the aftermath, however, judge Isabel Teresa Pinto Coelho Diniz, from the Notary Public’s Office, granted protection to the actress. “The prohibition of approaching the victim is not such a serious restriction on the right to come and go of the author of the facts, especially considering the concrete gravity of the facts narrated. Thus, it is a reasonable guarantee for the physical and psychological integrity of the victim”, he considered the magistrate.

Sought, the defense of the businessman highlighted the two contrary decisions. Maria Fontenelle, a lawyer at Albergaria, said her client will not appeal.

“The Public Ministry itself, which is an accusing and supervisory body of the law, opined against the application of the protective measure. The defense’s understanding is in line with that of the MP: we understand that there is no need for lack of evidence. However, there is no we will appeal because Mr. Carlos has no interest in getting close to Marcela. On the contrary, he is afraid and afraid of her, because of everything that has already been reported by him,” he concludes.

exchange of accusations

To the TV news, Marcela rebutted Albergaria’s allegations and accusations. She reaffirms that the businessman was drunk. “I just defended myself. I tried to get my cell phone. Now he’s reversing everything. He drinks a lot of wine. That day, he drank three [garrafas de] wines alone,” he says.

“I have all the photos of the assault. I’m pretty skinny. Telling you that a woman assaulted him? I defended myself when he took my cell phone, and my belly is in a huge gash,” he continues.

Regarding information that she has “obsessive and aggressive attitudes”, Marcela reiterated that this profile is part of her ex’s personality. “I even have the opinion of his psychiatrist. A therapist of his abandoned him because he couldn’t handle the case. I was also doing it. [terapia], because I think everyone has what it takes. I know he’s in online therapy now. He self-medicates and has a friend who sometimes writes a prescription for him. He takes more than six types of medication for depression,” he points out.

With the case in the press for five days, the actress fears that the repercussion of the case will damage her career. She is also the director of an agency that selects promoters and hostesses for fairs and events. Had this trade affected by the pandemic and was working with the businessman — who owns a chain of stores.

“Unfortunately, in the pandemic the events were affected. I was working with him in the stores. In fact, he hasn’t paid me yet. And he doesn’t want to solve the apartment business [alugado pelo casal no nome do empresário]”, ends.

A Flor Da Gigóia, a film in which she shares the scene with Babu Santana, Gustavo Novaes and Raymundo de Souza, is in the post-production phase. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no scheduled release.

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