Alexandre Frota almost lived Raí in Quatro por Quatro; know what went wrong


A former Globo heartthrob, Alexandre Frota almost lived Raí in Quatro por Quatro (1995). The 57-year-old actor revealed that he was cast to play Babalu’s love interest (Letícia Spiller), but lost the role to Marcello Novaes after taking his friend to an audition at the network.

In an interview for More than 8 Minutos, on Rafinha Bastos’ YouTube channel, on Wednesday (13), the now federal deputy (PSDB) recalled the peak of his fame as a heartthrob of soap operas on Globo between 1980 and 1990, and how this influenced him to lose an important job in the house.

After winning his acclaim on the network in productions such as Livre Para Voar (1984), Roque Santeiro (1985), Sassaricando (1987) and Perigosas Peruas (1992), Frota won the trust of the company’s top management, including Roberto Talma (1949-2015 ), then TV director.

Outside of television, the former heartthrob lived with his gang at Tablado, a theater school in Rio de Janeiro, where he met Marcello Novaes. That’s how the story of the two crossed and, unintentionally, the friend got the character that would be Fleet in Four for Four.

“Marcello was my friend from the time of Tablado. And he was always saying to me: ‘Talk to the guys from Globo. Talk to Talma.’ [ele e outros atores galãs da época] took Marcelo. He was a surfer, shoulder-length blond hair. We took Marcelo to Globo and presented it,” he told Rafinha Bastos.

“We already had a gigantic morale. We joined Globo, took Marcello and introduced him to Roberto Talma, who expedited a test for him. Globo was auditioning and filing, but he stayed there,” he continued.

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Raí (Marcello Novaes) and Babalu (Letícia Spiller)

exchanged by friend

Later, Frota was cast to play the good-natured mechanic in Carlos Lombardi’s plot. “Talma called me and said: ‘There’s a soap opera for you to do. You’re going to rock. The name of the soap is Quatro por Quatro. You’re going to play a character called Raí and starring with Letícia Spiller, who’s going to play Babalu. you’re going to play the hot one, the cute one, who doesn’t quite get things right and doesn’t speak right. You’re going to play the chucro guy, who is always shirtless, mechanic, in love with her and capable of doing anything crazy'”, he said.

“I said: ‘My brother, I’m going to explode in this soap opera’. Everyone asks me: ‘Who are the actresses you’d like to have opposite and ended up not acting with? admitted.

The former Globo employee also revealed that he even participated in the pre-production of the serial. “I went to the first reading of the text with all the actors. I got the first ten chapters, fucked up role called Raí, and Talma directing”, he highlighted.

It turns out that in the 1990s, Talma took on a new project at the network. He was responsible for the creation of Malhação (1995). That change took him out of Four for Four. “I started rehearsing and Talma came to me 15 days later and said: ‘I’m leaving for Malhação’. I said: ‘Okay,'” he recalled.

“There wasn’t another one. Three hours later my phone rang and it was Ricardo Waddington: ‘Alexandre, can you come to my room, please?’ It’s a friend of yours, whom you introduced to Talma, Marcello Novaes (laughs),” he narrated.

Babalu and Raí formed a successful couple in the serial, which evolved away from the cameras. “Marcelo ended up marrying her and had a beautiful son [Pedro Novaes]. I didn’t want to marry her. But she was a cat at the time,” he recalled.

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