Aline and Dayane kiss live in The Farm 13: ‘The Bishop Will Cancel the Proof’


Aline Mineiro and Dayane Mello kissed during the live edition of A Fazenda 2021 this Wednesday (13). The affectionate moment between the two people generated comments on Twitter. “The bishop will cancel the test [do Fazendeiro]”, joked a user of the social network, referring to Edir Macedo, owner of the station.

The kissing scene was aired briefly before the outcome of the farmer’s hat dispute was announced to the public. The two participants faced the dynamics of the night against Victor Pecoraro, but it was Dayane who got the better of him and escaped from the countryside.

On Twitter, fans of the confinement program reacted to the image and mocked the fact that Record always avoided showing moments involving same-sex couples. “I went to Record to see if I was having crap, I was live in a test, Dayane and Aline giving a kiss, the bishop must be breathing through devices,” commented a netizen identified as Manoela.

“Aline kissing Dayane in full live and on an evangelical broadcaster, will be eliminated tomorrow, my father”, reacted another user of the microblog, identified as Karina.

Prejudice at headquarters?

Before kissing Dayane on the live show, Aline had vented with Valentina Francavilla. The ex-panicat had expressed her concern about the behavior of other participants in relation to her involvement with former Big Brother Italy.

“Do you think there’s a prejudice between people in relation to me and Dayane?”, asked Léo Lins’ girlfriend. “If there is, it’s a real reason to leave the house soon,” replied the stage assistant. “You see bad looks? I seem to see people who are bothered, you know?”, completed Aline.

While Valentina reflected on the model’s comment, the PlayPlus camera interrupted the conversation between the two people, directing the images to another space at the program’s headquarters.

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