Almir Sater has a private plane stolen by a gang at an airport in MS


Almir Sater, 64, had his private plane stolen by a gang in the early hours of Monday (6), at Aquidauana airport, in Mato Grosso do Sul. property of the artist. “I hope it is recovered,” asked the singer.

According to information from the Civil Police of Mato Grosso do Sul to G1, the robbery happened around 2 am by 18 criminals, who invaded the place, surrendered the watchman and forced him to refuel the aircraft. Sater’s Sky Lane type plane was taken.

Witnesses said the group was heavily armed and acted aggressively — one of the bandits allegedly threw fuel at an employee, who was not injured.

The actor, who played Pirilampo in O Rei do Gado (1996), learned about the trawler in the early hours of the day while working on his farm in the Pantanal. “I was in the field working, I arrived at lunchtime and I had around 300 calls. I already felt my heart sink, I thought it would be something with my family. Then he did. [um motoqueiro incumbido de avisá-lo no campo] gave me the news that the plane had been stolen,” he said.

“Material goods we work, but I hope it is recovered. But if not, the rings go and the fingers remain. The aircraft served my farm, it was not for shows. It served our Pantanal life. I can’t follow the news, but I am hoping that [a busca] succeed,” he declared to the G1.

According to CNN Brasil, the Brazilian Air Force’s Aerospace Operations Command issued an air traffic control surveillance order.

Sater debuted as an actor in Pantanal (1990), which has a remake scheduled to debut at the nine o’clock band on Globo, after the screening of the unreleased Um Lugar Ao Sol. In the production, Gabriel Sater, son of the singer, was cast to play the same character as his father, the Trinity pawn.

See CNN Brasil’s report on the case: