Ana Clara reveals that she never got scolded by Boninho at Globo: ‘It would mess me up’


Ana Clara Lima, 24, has never been scolded by JB Oliveira, Boninho in his career at Globo. The presenter of the BBB on duty and the BBB chat, on Globoplay, is unharmed in this regard so far and celebrates. “Good thing, otherwise I would be all over myself (laughs)”, he was amused.

“But we receive constructive criticism, which is why it evolves. He [Boninho] already talked about my point [eletrônico, no ouvido], but it was reassuring me. It was good, even “, revealed in an interview for Extra this Sunday (25).

With morale at Globo, Ana Clara has been on duty BBB since April 5. The program created by the broadcaster reverberates everything about BBB21, such as fights, romances, test results, walls and eliminations.

“Whenever I was asked what my professional dream was, I said: ‘Having a program of my own, with freedom of creation’. But I never imagined it would be so fast. It is a huge privilege what I am experiencing now”, she said, that was launched to stardom after being in third place in Big Brother Brasil 18.

JB Oliveira, Boninho, participating in the CAT BBB board, in 2020 (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

With a degree in Journalism, the newcomer was taken advantage of by Globo as soon as she left confinement. “I think that all the experiences I went through, like making the Rock in Rio broadcasts [pelo Multishow] and the period at the Video Show, prepared me for this current moment. He came out of nowhere, and if I wasn’t ready, I was going to chip everything, “he admitted.

“Before chatting with the deleted [no Globoplay e no Gshow], I did the flashes in the programming, I participated in the BBB Table [Multishow]… It was already a heavy routine. Now, it’s even more. Big Brother is in the air for 24 hours. I try to keep up with it, I only sleep six or seven hours a night, but it is very rewarding. In addition to work, I watch because I love “, he considered about the current phase.

In the early hours after the eliminations of BBB21, Ana Clara is the one who makes the first interview with the participants who leave the house. The presenter’s resourcefulness in addressing controversial themes of confinement earned her praise from Boninho. According to her, the public approves of the chat, but there are those who ask for confrontation.

“People lose track! They ask me to say some things that, in their right mind, no one would talk about. Even more live. We always give gifts to the eliminated, right? I have already been suggested, for example, to give Thaís a dictionary [Braz]. Nothing cool, “he said.

“I don’t like being asked to ‘hit’ anyone. I even think it is contradictory for a person not to like a participant who was bad or humiliated someone and ask me to do the same with him. I understand that Big Brother touches feelings, it is a very deep involvement, but there is something that doesn’t work “, he says.

And she understands confinement. In 2018, Ana Clara did well in the game with R $ 50,000 for third place on the podium. However, one of the dramas she experienced in reality was the family exhibition with Ayrton Lima, who faced the competition with her. Father and daughter greeted each other with kisses on the mouth, which was discussed by viewers.

“I understand that each family has its customs, its way of living. But it is very serious to accuse someone of pedophilia, to say that a father abuses a daughter because of a gesture of affection. This has taken on such a huge proportion out here that Tiago [Leifert] ended up discussing the matter with us there, live, with the audience watching. When we need to explain ourselves, we understand the hustle and bustle “, he recalled.

“To this day, there are people who support this story, they say that my relationship with my father was strange. Yes, we were scared, but nothing changed in our relationship. I grew up like this, with grandmother, uncles and cousins, all greeting each other with stamps “, he stressed.

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