Ana Maria reports the experience of catching Covid-19 after being vaccinated: ‘This virus is treacherous’ – Prime Time Zone


The presenter said that she had mild symptoms and that she is living proof that getting the vaccine is important

Reproduction/Globe/19.07.2021Ana Maria Braga returned to Mais Você after picking up Covid-19

the presenter Ana Maria Braga returned to the “More you” this Monday, 19th, and spoke about the experience of catching Covid-19 even though I was already fully vaccinated. She thanked the affection she received during this period and apologized for not being able to respond to all messages. “I was quieter for a while”, commented the presenter who had mild symptoms of the disease. “Thanks to me taking both doses of the vaccine, I had a very mild form of Covid-19, but even so I had days of apprehension because this virus is very treacherous.” On July 5th, Ana Maria went to work normally and took the PCR test, which is performed two weeks a week at Globo, and when she was doing her makeup, she discovered that she had tested positive. “It’s a big scare,” he said.

The artist stressed that she takes all the precautions and that she only leaves home to work. “I have no idea where I got it. I don’t leave the house and my way out is to come here [para a Globo], a highly controlled environment. I’m very careful, I use alcohol in gel, but he [o vírus] it’s treacherous. At some point, I came across someone who is asymptomatic”, declared the presenter. The commander of “Mais Você” also thanked the medical team who attended her and emphasized the importance of taking the vaccine. “I don’t think this Covid I got was by chance, I learned a lot. I am proof that the vaccine does not prevent a person from getting Codid, but I am also proof that it is very important to get vaccinated”.