Andre Marques writes a text full of praise for Carol Peixinho, and fans ship


After the elimination of Carol Peixinho from No Limite 5, Andre Marques wrote a text full of praise to honor the participant. The presenter always publishes with those who leave the reality, but with much simpler subtitles. The fans noticed the difference and started to ship the “couple”.

“I Think [você é] one of the coolest women I’ve ever met. Beautiful, warrior, strong, no frills and no mimimi,” Marques began. “If I was ever a father, I would want a daughter like you,” he declared. Then the compliments became more intimate.

“You are the perfect friend, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect woman and whatever you want to be, because you decide and the world is yours,” he wrote, agitating netizens, who commented that the two would make a beautiful couple.

At the end, Andre thanked Carol for participating in No Limite and wished her luck, but made a point of emphasizing that they are just friends by writing the word in capital letters. “Nothing, Little Fish! God take care of your way, beautiful friend,” he concluded.

Check out the publication below:

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