Andressa Urach vents after her ex-husband appears at a nightclub with the police: ‘It made me pregnant’ – Young Pan


Thiago Lopes prevented the model from performing and said that she went home ‘well pianinha’

Reproduction/Instagram/anddressaurachoficial/01.10.2021Thiago Lopes appeared with the police at the nightclub where Andressa Urach was going to perform

The model’s ex-husband Andressa Urach, the bailiff Thiago Lopes, went with the police to the nightclub where she was going to perform, in Porto Alegre, at dawn on Friday, 1. The former Farm explained what was happening in Instagram stories: “I’m here at the Gruta Azul restaurant having dinner because in a little while I was going to introduce myself, do a show, and my ex-husband is here at the door, suddenly wanting to arrest me for I don’t know what”. Andressa continued to vent saying that she wasn’t doing anything too much. “He’s accusing me of things I didn’t do, I’ve been off drugs for over seven years. I don’t know why he’s here at the front, we’re no longer together. I don’t understand where he’s going with this. He’s up front with the police, are you aware of that? I want to work, he was the one who got me pregnant”.

Thiago also manifested himself on social media. “Watch out whorehouse brothel, it’s going to be like this now,” he wrote in a photo in which the police appear at the door of the club. After the commotion at the place, he published a photo of Andressa sitting on a sofa and wrote: “At home and very nice”. The current member of the Miss Butt contest stirred up social media this week by announcing that Imola, the name she used when prostituting herself, was back. At the time, she announced that she was going to perform at the nightclub where her ex-husband appeared with the police. Andressa, who is already the mother of 16-year-old Arthur, is pregnant with Thiago and, after announcing the end of her marriage, said she was broke and exposed messages that changed her ex, and in one of them he said he cut the Andressa’s medical insurance.