Angry, Sergio Marone says that Mário Frias only went to TV because of ‘blue eyes’


Sergio Marone detonated Mario Frias, Special Secretary for Culture, this Wednesday night (15). The presenter said that Jair Bolsonaro’s ally was only featured on television because of his “blue eyes”.

The confusion began after Frias published a post on his Twitter account thanking Senator Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE) for having postponed the vote on the Paulo Gustavo Law. The project provides aid for the cultural area and proposes the delivery of R$ 3.8 billion by the Union to states and municipalities through actions that help combat the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the sector.

“I want to thank senator @fbezerracoelho, Government Leader in the Senate, for withdrawing the Paulo Gustavo Bill from the agenda. This bill is completely absurd!”, the secretary wrote.

After learning about the publication, Marone countered the comment by publishing a photo in which he points out the transfer of R$ 4.6 million from the National Secretariat for Promotion and Incentive to Culture (Sefic) to the Casinha Games project, identified as an initiative by Jair Renan, son of President Jair Bolsonaro.

“That leaves a lot of your former colleagues starving. I understand your bitterness at not having pursued an artistic career, but understand: if it weren’t for your blue eyes, I would never have had a chance on TV. @mfriasoficial and the 4 million in the house Renanzinho? Absurd too? Explain?”, asked the actor.

Frias then countered Marone’s statement with an ironic tone. “Of course, Strawberry, I’m going to stop creating a professional training course, to train low-income young people in the job market, learning programming, graphic design, script creation, music production, etc., to give money to a famous former colleague. “, he shot, referring to Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), who died a victim of Covid-19.

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