Monday, April 12, 2021

Arrested for concert in Maré, Belo has event in SP with tickets to R $ 1.9 thousand


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After spending a night in jail for carrying out an illegal show with agglomeration in Complexo da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, Belo was released on Thursday (18) and hopes to resume his work while responding to the charges free. One of the singer’s performances is scheduled for March 20 at a famous venue in São Paulo; tickets cost up to R $ 1.9 thousand.

Even after the artist’s arrest, the show Belo Todas as Tribos continued to be sold and remained confirmed on the Espaço das Américas website, where the event will be held.

In addition to the pagodeiro, names like Fábio Jr., Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, Daniel with Roupas Nova, and Wesley Safadão have presentations scheduled between March and April in the same place.

The concert hall is functioning with authorization from the City of São Paulo and with the protocols determined by public agencies, such as mandatory use of a mask, distance, table sharing allowed only “by people from the same family or social life” and temperature measurement .

Currently, the São Paulo Plan is in the yellow phase, which obliges establishments such as concert halls to limit the occupation of closed spaces to 40% of the maximum capacity, in addition to the permission to operate until 10 pm.

The cheapest tickets for Belo’s show at Espaço das Américas cost R $ 100 (whole) and are already sold out. There are other sectors with options ranging from R $ 140 per person or R $ 1.9 thousand for a closed box for six customers.

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Why was Belo arrested?

Belo left Public Prison José Frederico Marques, in Benfica, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, this Thursday morning (18), after being held for less than 24 hours.

During this morning, Judge Milton Fernandes de Souza ordered the issuance of a release permit for understanding that the fact that the artist responds freely will have no influence on the case.

Belo, producers Célio Caetano and Henriques Marques, and drug dealer Jorge Luiz Moura Barbosa, Alvarenga, are responsible for the violation of a sanitary measure, the crime of an epidemic, the invasion of a public building and a criminal association.

The police claimed that the pagodeiro and his team violated a municipal decree banning crowds at Carnival due to the coronavirus pandemic. As last weekend’s event was held inside a Municipal School in Parque União, the police are also investigating an alleged invasion of the school.

In addition, the presentation took place in an area dominated by trafficking. The police are investigating whether the event is related to the criminal organization because they need permission from a faction to happen. Belo explained that he was hired to do the show and had no contact with people from organized crime.

“So far I didn’t understand what I did to be going through this situation. I want to know what crime I committed. I went up on stage and sang. My company received the money. CNPJ with CNPJ. If I can’t sing for the public , my life is over “, claimed the singer.

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