Arthur collects information from Carla and they discuss on ‘BBB 21’: ‘Don’t call me my baby’ – Prime Time Zone


Actress was annoyed to see the crossfiteiro approaching Gilberto and Sarah

Reproduction / Globo / 16.03.2021Arthur fell out with Carla Diaz and complained about her not telling what she saw in the Secret Room

The climate between Carla diaz e Arthur it is getting colder and, even though the actress is declaring herself to the crossfitter after returning from the false wall, their relationship has been strained. During the dawn of this Tuesday, 16, Arthur charged Carla for not saying what he saw during the period he was in the Secret Room: “So far you haven’t said anything to us. No information ”. It is worth mentioning that before the conversation, the Projota was in the room talking to Gilberto e Sarah and, without mentioning the name of the doctoral student in economics, Carla said: “I think I was really wrong, because in front of me I was saying one thing and behind my back I was saying something else. Not only with me ”. Arthur returned to ask ex-Chiquititas for more information and she replied that she needs to digest some things before telling and said that she had already talked about Gil’s “falsehood”.

The actress was bothered by the fact that her affair at the house gave a truce and approached Gil and Sarah. According to the sister, it is obvious that the doctoral student will vote for her. “What did you hear about them talking about me?” Asked Arthur and Carla decided to put Arthur against the wall: “Talking that you were talking bad about me. Is this true?”. The crossfiteiro said: “I don’t know. You were seeing everything ”. The conversation continued and the capixaba said that twice he was talking to Gil and Sarah and Carla interrupted, disrupting his game. “I’m sorry, Arthur, to interfere with your game,” said the actress. They continued to argue and the actress ended up calling Arthur “my baby” and he didn’t like it. “Do not do that. You don’t call me ‘baby’, for good, ”he emphasized. For him, Carla has the power to get rid of the wall for having returned from the false wall, but she won the right to veto the immunity of the angel.