Arthur Picoli complains about charges after participating in the ‘BBB 21’: ‘Boring people’ – Prime Time Zone


Ex-brother made an outburst and said that there are a lot of people who like to ‘make other people’s lives hell’

Reproduction / Instagram / arthurpicoli / 28.05.2021Arthur Picoli criticized on social media the people who are taking care of the lives of others

Or physical educator Arthur Picoli, who participated in the “BBB 21”, was irritated by the criticism he has received after leaving the reality show. “Unfortunately, the crowd wants to make other people’s lives hell, I’ll explain: are you going to the party? It ‘s wrong (it really is). Not going to the party? Antisocial. Do you take a vaccine? Profiler, row breaker. Refuse to take? Social irresponsibility. Buy a cat, there are seven lives to take care of ”, wrote the crossfiteiro on Twitter on the morning of this Friday, 28. A follower commented:“ Stop giving attention to these people who have nothing to do with their lives and give attention to people who likes you ”. O ex-BBB he replied that this is not just happening to him: “It’s not about my life, it’s about everyone’s life. Fucking boring people*”. Within the “BBB 21”, Arthur generated controversy for his relationship with the actress Carla Diaz, who was considered abusive. After leaving the game, the former participant of the “BBB 21” stated that he was receiving death threats on social networks and, recently, the crossfitter also countered the criticism for having taken the vaccine against Covid-19 at 26 years old. “To begin with, I am a graduate and have a bachelor’s degree in physical education. I started my career in the area of ​​teaching, in the pedagogical aspect, where I started with social projects. So, yes, I could be vaccinated and I’m hoping that everyone’s turn will come, ”he said in the Instagram stories.