Arthur Picoli confuses a positive Covid test with a pregnancy test and becomes a meme


Arthur Picoli became a meme after confusing a positive drug test for Covid-19 with a pregnancy test. The ex-BBB saw the publication of a fan on social networks and wished that the supposed baby would come healthy. After she warned that she had coronavirus, the capixaba realized the faux pas and apologized.

“I’ve just left the pharmacy and I’m the newest positive person in Brazil”, lamented an internet user who is a fan of Arthur and Carla Diaz, identified as Cris Diaz de Conduru. “May he come with health”, replied the crossfiteiro, upon seeing the post on Twitter.

“Thanks for the message, but right now it’s Covid’s test. First I need to find a boyfriend,” clarified the owner of the profile. In the photo of the test, you can read that it was a test to detect the coronavirus. “It was bad! I thought it was a pregnancy test. Get better! God bless you”, wished the ex-BBB.

Although many people found the situation funny and Arthur became a meme, some netizens decided to cancel it, claiming he was being insensitive or wanting to draw attention. Upon seeing the bad reactions, the infected fan stated that the interaction had brightened her night and defended the physical trainer.

“If they want to cancel me for this, I’m just sorry. I’m without glasses and it’s in my nature to wish people good things,” said Carla’s ex.

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