At Domingão, Luciano Huck follows Faustão’s maxim: ‘Who knows does it live’


To keep an eye on what the competition is putting on the air and to cause more empathy live, Luciano Huck will lead part of his new live Sunday program. Domingão com Huck will also feature some of its most famous paintings in real time — but only in sporadic editions.

The information is confirmed by Globo. Calls for emotional reports, for example, will be made live, according to the TV news. Show dos Famosos, which will be produced in São Paulo, will also have some editions broadcast directly from Globo’s studios, just as Fausto Silva used to do.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? it will be recorded in studios in Rio de Janeiro, with a structured schedule until the end of the year. But live editions should also take place, especially with competitors who have a chance to go far. In a hypothetical question worth a million, there is the idea of ​​asking it in real time to get the public’s attention.

Not having the entire program taped is part of Globo’s strategy to get Luciano Huck quickly on Sundays. Like Faustão, Huck can improvise and cause moments that reverberate on the internet, which helps a lot in his spontaneous dissemination on social networks.

Another point is that a live program allows the team to monitor in real time what is happening in Sunday’s heavy competition. Domingão with Huck will clash with Eliana, on SBT, and Rodrigo Faro, on Record.

In the first two weeks, also to help Luciano Huck, Globo managed to recruit two strong football matches. Brazil x Argentina, for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and Flamengo x Palmeiras, for the Brazilian Championship, were chosen.

Luciano Huck’s new show on Sundays will have some paintings that were successful on Saturday afternoons with Caldeirão. One of them is Visiting the Past, in which a famous person remembers a remarkable place in his life through Globo’s scenography and testimonials from friends.

Ricardo Waddington was in charge of developing Huck’s new project. Clarissa Lopes, who was already directing Caldeirão do Huck, will continue as the presenter’s general director on Sundays. Hélio Vargas, who was also on the team on Saturdays, will be the artistic director.