At Ilha Record, Valesca exchanges barbs with shouts with Negão da BL and Laura Keller


At Ilha Record, Valesca Popozuda was irritated by the speeches of MC Negão da BL and Laura Keller. In this Tuesday’s episode (3), the funkeira barked barbs with the other explorers during a conversation about the upcoming votes for the reality show.

The controversy began when the champion of Power Couple Brasil 1 reinforced the speech of sorority, but admitted that she can vote for a woman, if necessary. Negão was present in the conversation, and the singer started to scream.

“Negão, I’m not saying that I’m going to vote for no or no, you don’t know who I’ll vote for. But why am I going to keep this: ‘Oh, I’m not voting for women’, if I’m going to have to protect myself?” the funkeira shrieking.

The singer followed in a calm tone and asked her: “So you vote for everyone, right? I just don’t understand why it didn’t work with Dinei, so you didn’t like him. You raised the fucking flag. [feminista]”. “No friend, wait there! I liked him! How will I fight alone? Everyone says they need a man to go with them,” countered Valesca.

In exile, the ex-soccer player observed the confusion and celebrated the demands at the funkeira: “I didn’t understand either, Valesca. You who raised the women’s flag, did! If she votes for a woman, it will look very bad for her ! “.

Check out some excerpts from the confusion:

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