At Power Couple Brasil, Nina vents about fights: ‘I’m really bad, shaken’


At Power Couple Brasil 5, Nina Cachoeira spoke out about the fights with Carolina Santos and Jonathan Costa in recent days. This Thursday (3), the digital influencer said that keeping the position in the game is a problem. “I’m very bad, shaken,” she said.

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“If a person votes for you, it’s not from the heart, it’s because the person wants you to leave. That’s the way it is, the game is like that. I won’t vote for you if I don’t want you to leave. Yesterday, I got three votes. So , these people want me to leave. Will I make a smile for these people? I won’t! I’m really bad, really shaken,” said Filipe Duarte’s wife.

In conversation with Márcia Fellipe, Rod Bala, Mirela Janis, Yugnir Angelo, Mari Matarazzo and Renata Dominguez, the blonde shared her indignation about the conflict with the musician and the businesswoman: “Speak a word and you distort. I teach my daughters not to distort. lie, bear what they say, be a woman or man enough to bear what you say.”

“Then the person takes it and takes it to a side that was not what I said. I’m very pissed, you have no idea. I don’t like to distort anyone’s conversation”, she added.

In the report, Nina also commented on her life with the ex-Br’oz outside the reality show. “We are very happy, we have many friends. I am very much my family first and then everything. The problem is being you in here,” he said.

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