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Band promises ‘robust’ Formula 1 coverage and will show podiums live


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The Band presented this Thursday (4) the team that will work on the transmissions of Formula 1 for the next two seasons. During a virtual press conference, the broadcaster promised that it will have “robust” and “complete” coverage and stated that it will show live on open TV the podiums of all 23 competitions in the championship – something that Globo has not done in recent years and that generated criticism from fans in the category.

“The coverage will be robust and complete, both on open and closed TV. We will broadcast the podium live until the champagne is over. We are committed to bringing complete coverage to the Formula 1 lover and we will fulfill that,” said Denis Gavazzi, the station’s sports director. “We have space, skilled people and a lot of desire to deliver the best coverage to the viewer,” he added.

In addition to the director, presenter Glenda Kozlowski, narrator Sérgio Maurício, commentators Reginaldo Leme, Felipe Giaffone and Max Wilson, and reporter Mariana Becker, who participated by video call from her home in Switzerland, were also present at the event.

For the past 40 years, Formula 1 was shown by Globo, but the audience leader chose not to keep the contract with Liberty Media last year. The main reason why the bond was not renewed was the amount requested by the owner of the rights. The broadcaster did not accept to pay what the American company asked for, made other proposals, but the negotiation did not advance. Band entered the competition and won the contest last month.

The agreement provides for exclusivity for the display of the 23 races on the circuit calendar. The races will be shown on open TV, and qualifying training will be broadcast on the BandSports paid channel, which will also feature Formula 3 and Formula 2 and is a Stock Car rights holder.

During almost an hour of press conference, the professionals who are part of the Formula 1 team at the Band, all of whom have worked at Grupo Globo and have experience on television, reinforced that the expectation is tall for the races of the main world motorsport competition at the broadcaster.

Sérgio Maurício, who left Grupo Globo after 29 years, said he is fulfilling a “childhood dream” by becoming the official narrator of Formula 1 on open TV.

“I come to another company that has a huge tradition in the sporting world. To continue what was already being done by the other broadcaster, mainly with Brazil as the only country in the world where an open television broadcasts Formula 1 shows the full dimension of what this modality represents for the Brazilian. It is a culture that comes since the 1970s and that Band rescues now to give an even better treatment “, said the speaker.


Band team at presentation conference

Reginaldo Leme has closely followed more than 700 races, eight world title victories and 101 Brazilian drivers’ victories over his almost 50-year career in motorsport. At 76, the journalist is motivated for the challenge at the station, for which he was hired in 2020, initially to comment on Stock Car.

“I never worked in a team that was 100% professionals passionate about motorsport. I feel that here I will have a lot of space and feel more comfortable telling all the stories of the sport. There is a desire to broadcast more and I believe that in Band I will have the opportunity to show my 47 years of experience in this area “, said the experienced commentator.

Sponsorship quotas

Band’s commercial director, Cris Moreira, revealed at the event that the channel has already agreed to sell one of the six Formula 1 sponsorship quotas. The first company to close the deal is Claro, a telecommunications giant that already sponsors Sergio pilots. Pérez and the Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi.

“We are already with the first quota sold. We are currently working and covering the entire market in order to develop commercial proposals that will bring a new, different and multiplatform experience for customers who know Formula 1 and are close to the sport. “, explained the executive, without revealing the value of the agreement.

The idea, said Moreira, is to attract sponsors with a strategy that includes more than one platform, less streaming, whose rights are F1 TV Pro, a service similar to that offered by the NFL Game Pass and NBA League Pass. “But we can reverberate on Bandeirantes’ social networks, which is what we are going to do to create a very big noise,” said the director.

The premiere takes place on March 28, when the Bahrain Grand Prix will be shown. In all, there will be 23 stages of the world championship, with the season ending in Abu Dhabi on December 12.



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