‘BBB 21’: Cheated by production, brothers prepare for elimination on Saturday – Prime Time Zone


After receiving their suitcases, the bricked-up people expected the result of the Paredão to be revealed on Saturday night; the action, in fact, was nothing more than a strategy to confuse the participants

Reproduction / Rede Globo / 24.04.2021The participants of the ‘BBB 21’ were in the room, tidy, waiting for Tiago Leifert to enter with the result of the Paredão

The confined “BBB 21”Were deceived by the production of Saturday, 24. Upon receiving the bags in the morning, the bricked Fiuk, Viih Tube e Gilberto believed that the elimination would be on Saturday night. To corroborate the catch, the production asked the brothers to put their bags packed in the pantry. The participants then started to get ready for the elimination night. The heart rate meter they receive on the day of the wall, however, had not been delivered. The situation left the confined ones confused about the dynamics of the night. “Aren’t you going to put the clothes on, Gilberto?” Lucas stretcher. “I will wait for the meter,” replied the economist. “Do you think there will be no Proof of Leader today?”, Asks the influencer. “I don’t think so, because if not, the production would have already asked Pocah to leave the Leader’s room”, theorizes Gil. While the brothers were in the garden waiting for the editing to begin, the production started playing the songs of the bricked.

After a few tracks, they discovered that it was a selection of songs from the eliminated ones. “Is it João’s music?” Asked Gilberto. “It’s João’s”, exclaimed Juliette. “Sarah’s music, from Projota, played”, analyzed the economist. Then, the production sent all the participants inside the house under the justification that it would have an external maintenance. “More hammering”, heard Gil inside the house. “They must be putting on an iron structure. Resistance today, ”said Arthur. In the room, the economist believes that presenter Tiago Leifert will already enter the result of Paredão. When the outdoor area was released, the brothers came across a cooler. “You guys want to drive me crazy! What’s going on? ”He said Pocah. Still believing in a possible recap, the participants are looking at the door waiting for an ex-BBB to return. “I can’t take it anymore, it’s cool. Gee, this is no joke, man, you’re crazy. Feeling sick ”, said Fiuk.