‘BBB 21’: Fiuk receives 4.62% of the votes and is in 3rd place – Prime Time Zone


Singer was overthrown by makeup artist Juliette and influencer Camilla de Lucas

Reproduction / Globo / 30.03.2021Fiuk finished ‘BBB 21’ in third place

The singer Fiuk received 4.62% of the votes and came in 3rd place in the final of ‘Big Brother Brasil 21‘. In addition to the position on the podium, the brother guaranteed a prize of R $ 50 thousand. The makeup artist Juliette was the champion, with 90.15% of the votes, and the digital influencer Lucas stretcher completed the podium with 5.23%. Fiuk’s trajectory started timidly, with the singer being the target of memes next to Juliette due to the singing of Paraiba, feeling isolated inside the house and getting involved in friction Caio e Arthur – that would become his biggest executioner in the game. The situation started to change when he came back from the wall against Sarah e Negotiable on and approached Gilberto. Even though he was the target of the house in the polls, the singer returned from several walls, eliminating names like Thaís, with whom he had a brief romance in the house, and Viih Tube. He won a trial by the leader, a trial by the angel and was responsible for nominating Projota to the wall that eliminated the rapper from the program.