‘BBB 21’: Gilberto passes PhD selection at US university – Prime Time Zone


Mother of the economist, Dona Jacira said that the achievement is her son’s ‘dream of life’

Playback / GloboGilberto is a participant in the “BBB 21”

Gilberto, participant of “BBB 21”, remains confined in search of the maximum prize of R $ 1.5 million. Even so, regardless of the final result of the “TV Globo” relatity, the pernambucano already knows that he will receive excellent news when he leaves the house. This Saturday, the 13th, the doctoral student in Economics passed the PhD selection of a university in Texas, in U.S, entitled to a scholarship. “It’s his lifelong dream. Entering a university outside the country, there is the result of much study and dedication. Days and days without leaving home, without having contact with anyone, without going to parties, without anything ”, recalls Jacira, citing the days and nights that her son dedicated himself to studying,” said Dona Jacira, Gilberto’s mother, to “ #RedeBBB ”.

Proudly, Dona Jacira commented that she doesn’t know what her brother’s reaction will be when she tells the news. “I believe he will be very happy, he will cry, because it is a dream of a lifetime and it will really be reality for him. I know that I am very, very happy! I know that if he were here he would be jumping and vibrating! ”, He said. “I received the news with great joy, I am very happy”, completed Gil’s mother.