BBB21: Gilberto burst out laughing when he remembered Hadson’s mico at BBB20


In Big Brother Brasil 21, Gilberto Nogueira burst out laughing when he remembered the monkey that Hadson Nery passed after the elimination of BBB20. This Monday (8), in conversation with Juliette Freire, Viih Tube, João Luiz Pedrosa and Fiuk, the economist commented on the scene in which the former soccer player was disappointed with the number of followers conquered after the reality show.

“Let’s see how many followers you have,” said the doctoral student while imitating the reaction of Fernanda Keulla, former presenter of the BBB Network, while interviewing Felipe Prior’s friend last season.

Juliette reinforced the friend’s memory, and he burst out laughing when he tried to reproduce the moment when Fernanda showed the number. “All of that? Then he [Hadson]: ‘A little more’ “, added the current confined.

“I could see that she was just there [tirando sarro]”, said Sarah Andrade’s ally about Fernanda’s behavior during the interview.

Before reality, the paraense had 3,787 followers on Instagram. After confinement, he reached the mark of 86.2 thousand accounts interested in his publications, a number far from the 1.5 million that he wished to conquer on the social network. Today, Hadson has 305 thousand followers.

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