BBB21 gives boost to the creativity of famous and anonymous on the internet


Following Big Brother Brasil 21 is no longer a simple entertainment for the famous and anonymous. On the internet, fans of reality have given wings to the creative spirit and transformed the events of the house into sketches of humor, memes, songs, works of art and even culinary recipes. Behind the scenes, what appears to be simple requires many hours of work and dedication.

Actor Vittor Fernando is far from the stage because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, he managed to show his work on social networks with short humorous content, among them, about reality: “I always liked to make videos with current themes. The BBB yields memes, guidelines, and everyone is consuming. a pleasure, I love to talk about it, within that language that I created in the videos “.

With TikTok filters, Vittor appears with his face stretched and his voice altered, a trademark of his productions. So, in less than a minute, he reproduces events from the most watched house in the country, always with a touch of humor. In your profile alone, some videos of the program have already reached more than 4 million views – apart from reproductions on other platforms, and even exhibitions on Globo’s own reality, in the picture O Brasil Tá Vendo!

“I started to consume TikTok when it started pumping, at the height of the quarantine, and started to produce content there without much pretension, until the videos went viral and I started working with the internet. I like reality, but I started to see the BBB last year, at the beginning of the quarantine. Wow, how much I watched the pay-per-view. That’s when I fell in love with the BBB “, explains Vittor to TV News.

As an actor, he warns that his favorite characters in the sketches are Karol Conká and Fiuk. To win the reality, Juliette Freire and Camilla de Lucas count on their fans. Behind the scenes, Vittor takes about an hour to record the short videos, with a view to changing clothes for each character.

On the musical side, the singer Erikka also shows her creativity in Hit do Eliminado, content in which she interprets parodies of the main hits of social networks, with lyrics about the trajectory of the ex-participants of the program. When Thaís Braz left the program, the artist released an adaptation of Disco Arranhado, music by Malu with DJ Lucas Beat. On Instagram alone, the video has garnered over 2 million views.

“Usually, we do this hit after the Discord Game. So, he has all the facts of that participant, it is very fresh, with current memes. On that day [data das eliminações], close the agenda, make no appointment. I tell my team that I can’t do anything, as this is the day of Hit do Eliminado “, she explains, who produces these songs together with her group of fans, the” Markketeiros “, in about 24 hours.

Currently, Erikka is on the soundtrack of the soap opera Império, with the song Cara de Rica. She has also performed in the Raul Gil Program and, with the success of the videos, Internet users remember these works: “BBB is a subject that dominates our country, even more so now, in the pandemic. I see that the videos have repercussions, people they start to follow me because of these contents and discover that they have already heard other songs of mine, which is very cool “.

Check out the videos of Vittor Fernando and Erikka:

Content Factory

According to Winnin, a platform that analyzes data on social networks, Globo’s reality has become a great opportunity for the creation of digital content. “After 20 years on the air, BBB continues to stand out and transform. With each edition, content is consumed on more screens and driven by more subjects, formats and creators”, says the company in a report obtained by TV News.

The contents of Vittor and Erikka are on the list of the main formats that have been successful in the digital universe, according to the survey data. The survey also shows the success that the current season has provided for the confined. In 2020, in the first month of reality, Felipe Prior grew his number of followers by 461%. Thelma Assis, champion of the season, showed an increase of 129% in this indicator.

In BBB21, in the same period, Juliette achieved an increase of 2,091.6% – on that occasion, she had reached the mark of 10.7 million followers on Instagram. Today, the lawyer and makeup artist has already passed the mark of 22 million accounts registered on her social network.

However, the impact of reality also goes beyond the borders of the internet. A fan of reality, visual artist Simone Marrach decided to produce a watercolor to pay tribute to Juliette: “I began to admire her way of being in a difficult situation, being judged and placed against the wall. I felt that way in some moments of my life. , and I see the way she can react to all of this “.

“I really want her to see the art I made in honor of her, [pela] persistence, in life and in the game, even with many people still not understanding it. By admiring her, I paid this tribute. And I also wanted to pay this tribute at Mostra Tua Arte “, reinforces Simone, alluding to the project that showed a projection of the drawing in Belém (PA). The image went viral on social networks and enchanted the residents of the capital of Pará.

The artist reveals that it took about a week to produce the watercolor, as she reconciles this work with the other orders from her clients: “There are days that I go until dawn and I keep the pay-per-view on, I’ve been until about 3:30 am producing watercolors “.

Simone started a new painting for Juliette and intends to deliver the pieces in person to the makeup artist after the reality show ends.

Check out the backstage of Simone Marrach’s tribute:

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