BBB21: Juliette fears ‘talarica’ fame after spending the night with Fiuk


After spending the night with Fiuk at Big Brother Brasil 21, Juliette Freire confessed that she is afraid of being considered a “talarica” ​​by a portion of the public. This Thursday (15), in conversation with João Luiz Pedrosa, the lawyer reinforced that she is affectionate with her friends and denied the possibility of a romance with the singer.

“I do much more charm with you [João Luiz e Gilberto Nogueira], to grab, kiss, naughtiness, and nobody cares. If you do with him [Fiuk], I can’t, it will fall for me. First, because I’m a friend of Thaís [Braz]. Second, because I am a woman “, said the member of Pipoca. The teacher reinforced that she does not need to raise this suspicion with the public.

“I did not give [essa ideia] several times. I already said, from the beginning, that I would not stay with him, it is a fact. Now, to hug, smell, caress, I like it. If it were talarica, it would be evil. I made the barrier, but I was afraid [da opinião do público]”, continued the makeup artist, recalling the division made with sheets so that, in the same bed, she was separated from Fiuk.

During the conversation, the paraibana warned the friend who is afraid of being criticized by the public because of the affectionate attitudes towards the men of the house: “I wanted to stop, but I like it too much. I am afraid of the image, of the people thinking it is malice, what is probable, for these facts that I pointed out “.

“For example, if he were gay, he would do worse, he would be able to hold me together with him. But, as he is straight too, he is heavier, he is boring. I understand that no one is obliged to see a man and a woman clinging and do not find malice. I will not be stupid to think that there is no such thing, but that it is boring, that is “, concluded Juliette.

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