BBB21: Participants suffer from Xepa restrictions and control meals


The direction of BBB21 increased the prices of Xepa products this week, and participants are already feeling the effects of this measure. This Sunday (21), the confined began to control the amount of food and started a forced restricted diet. Before lunch, which was ready around 5 pm, Arthur Picoli preferred to sleep to try to control hunger.

All of them have quantities of products such as breads and eggs counted, since the shipyards were not enough to make a large purchase at high prices.

In the previous weeks, Xepa members celebrated that they were eating very well, with the difference that they did not have the VIP varieties. But no one wanted to eat.

This Sunday, lunch was rice, beans, chayote and farofa. Some of them decided to fry an egg as a side dish. The problem is that this item may be missed during the week, at a breakfast or a hungry moment.

The market was made on Saturday (20). Upon learning of the restrictions, Projota was upset and even threatened to give up the game. “Nobody here came to cry for food, I’m not going to cry with hunger. Hunger is too serious. You don’t play with hunger,” he said.

The other brothers tried to comfort him and say that he will eat at least one egg daily. “But living with an egg a day is a bitch,” he complained. Camilla speculated that rising prices is a production strategy to increase conflicts at home, since Xepa had organized itself so that everyone could eat well.

“There were days when my lunch was better than the VIP,” noted Viih Tube. “I agree that we will survive, it will pass, but this [diminuir a comida para estimular brigas] it is an exaggeration. You do not need that. There is already too much conflict! “, Determined Projota, reiterating that he would rather give up the BBB than not have anything to eat.

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