BBB21 poll: Bil, Gilberto and Juliette are on the wall; vote and know who leaves


After the withdrawal of Lucas Penteado, the second wall of BBB21 was formed this Sunday (7). Gilberto Nogueira, Arcrebiano Araújo (Bil) and Juliette Freire form the hot spot — indicated by the big phone, Karol Conká managed to escape through the crash and back. Who leaves Globo’s reality this week? Take part in the poll in the poll at the end of this text.

Angel of the week, Carla Diaz has given a speech against Karol Conká before. “I lived up and down. It was a moment of joy, but I was disappointed by someone [Karol Conká] for whom I was considerate of gossip [sobre um interesse em Arcrebiano Araújo]. I didn’t understand. I felt humiliated and exposed by a dirty lie. I didn’t come here to diminish anyone. These tears are not novels, they are really hurt “, he explained.

Afterwards, she immunized Camilla de Lucas. “Several people came to talk to me this week. I am going to immunize a person who has always been able to hear me and it is a friendship that I want to take away from here. It is Camilla”, pointed out the actress.

Leader of the week, Arthur Picoli explained that he would nominate Lucas Penteado. However, as the actor gave up the game, he had to change the target and chose Gil. “I am calm, but not satisfied with the choice that I am going to make. I need to play my game, protect those who are with me and maybe hurt someone who is also nearby. My vote goes to Gil”, justified the sovereign.

Thaís Braz and Sarah Andrade were already protected from votes by the big phone. In addition to immunities, the ringing of the telephone set had placed Juliette Freire and Karol Conká.

Most voted of the house, with nine choices in the confessional, Arcrebiano Araújo disputed the match test with the two who were sent by the big phone. The activity was lucky. Whoever turned on a tap with the number 17 first would be the winner – Karol won.

Who voted for whom

Juliette Freire -> Nego Di
Gilberto Nogueira -> Lumena Hallelujah
Sarah Andrade -> Lumena Aleluia
Pocah -> Arcrebiano Araújo
João Luiz -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Caio Afiune -> Fiuk
Thaís Braz -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Viih Tube -> Lumena Aleluia
Rodolffo -> Fiuk
Arcrebiano Araújo -> Lumena Hallelujah
Carla Diaz -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Karol Conká -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Projota -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Lumena Hallelujah -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Negotiable -> Carla Diaz
Fiuk -> Arcrebiano Araújo
Camilla de Lucas -> Arcrebiano Araújo

The result of the research has no scientific value or influence on participation in the official website of BBB21. Take part in the vote below and choose who should be on the second wall of Globo’s reality show.

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