BBB21: Renata Capucci confuses fans by using erotic acronym with Boninho; understand


Renata Capucci confused Big Brother Brasil 21 fans by using an erotic acronym to comment on the publication of JB Oliveira, Boninho. This Tuesday (9th), the Fantástico journalist explained that the reality room’s secret room is located at the studio’s support point, PA – however, this abbreviation is also used to describe a “friendly stick”.

“I miss this PA, Boninho”, wrote the reporter in the video in which the Globo director shows the distance that the “eliminated” will travel from confinement to the dynamic room.

However, for a portion of the public, the comment was interpreted as if the journalist had an extramarital relationship with Ana Furtado’s husband. “PA, PA really?” Asked Fernando Aruom between laughs. “But people, alive!”, Added Laurena Rocha with laughing emojis.

After the negative repercussion of the case, Renata returned in the publication to explain its meaning of the expression: “PA is what we call at Estúdios Globo the support point of some production. In this case, the BBB where I worked for five editions”.

“We know your intention, but it was funny, that was! It brought joy to such a difficult day”, said Dinah Capelo about the confusion, and Renata replied: “Lindinha, I prefer it when the game does not lead to a lack of respect. Kisses!”.

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