BBB21: Rodolffo is eliminated from the Leader’s Trial for peeing; two pairs continue


After 13 hours of BBB21’s endurance test, Rodolffo and Caio Afiune were disqualified from the leadership dispute. The reason was that the countryman admitted that he peed his pants, which is not allowed during such a dynamic. Tiago Leifert went live to speak with the contestants this Friday (19).

In addition to the eliminated pair, Gilberto Nogueira, Sarah Andrade, Juliette Freire and Pocah were also in contention, who still followed in the game. The presenter’s voice came out saying good afternoon to the participants.

“Three pairs gave up because they did not resist the endurance test. Therefore, I wanted to give you the chance to speak if you have anything to say”, suggested Tiago Leifert. After questioning everyone, the singer made the confession: “I peed”.

Juliette said she was sleepy and closed her eyes at times, but that she did not sleep. The BBB21 commander asked the countryman to release the lever and announced that he and Caio were eliminated. The farmer asked what happened, and Leifert said that Rodolffo would explain.

In the morning, the singer was spotted by Sarah and Pocah urinating. “Rodolffo pissed?” Asked the digital marketing consultant, while the musician just laughed, with his legs spread. “He’s peeing forever”, the funkeira was impressed.

“Are you still there?” Asked Pocah, watching the puddle rise under the countryman’s feet. “I’m scared,” she added. “And me here, holding pee for hours,” mocked Sarah. “Turn around,” said Rodolffo. Almost three hours after the event, Tiago Leifert appeared to give the warning.

See the moment of Rodolffo’s elimination:

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