BBB21: Sarah’s team rejects confined comment about pandemic


After Sarah Andrade made an unfortunate comment about the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) at BBB21, the team of the digital marketing consultant rejected the speech. On Thursday (18), the administrators apologized to the public and reinforced the importance of social isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We, from Sarah’s team, would like to stress that we disagree with any position that disrespects the pandemic or social isolation – regardless of the time, easing of the decrees or any circumstance. We apologize and reinforce our solidarity with all the victims and families affected at this very sad moment “, said those responsible for the sister’s social networks on Twitter.

At this morning’s party, in conversation with Arthur Picoli, the publicist told some details of the reality selection process: “In the interview, he [J.B.Oliveira, o Boninho], asked: ‘Pandemic, is no one dying for you?’. [Respondi:] ‘Oxê, I’m not feeling anything’ “.

Carla Diaz’s affair reinforced that she only leaves isolation to work. “When they talked about this subject with me, I really held the wave a lot. I was only at my student’s house,” he pointed out.

During the confinement of Globo, Sarah confessed that she did not follow the measures of social distance in the correct way and that she was not infected “because God loves me”.

Check out the tweets:

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