BBB21 surprises brothers and sends two to the wall already in the Leader Test


Big Brother Brasil 21 decided to surprise the public and those confined with a double indication for this week’s wall. On Thursday (18), Tiago Leifert explained that the first pair eliminated from the Leader’s Race sponsored by a car brand automatically enters the risk zone, with the right to participate in Bate e Volta.

“The Leader’s Race will be in pairs. In the winning pair, both will be immune and, afterwards, they will dispute a car and the leadership. The first pair to be eliminated from today’s race is automatically on the wall, which will have four nominations in all. : today’s duo, indication of the leader and the most voted of the house “, explained Leifert.

The titleholder also explained the double walled in the Leader’s Test and the nominee by the house will dispute the Bate e Volta Test on Sunday (21).

This week, Carla Diaz still has the power to veto an angel’s decision: punishment or immunity. If you do not use this hot seat, the benefit will expire. However, the actress has already pointed out that she intends to use all the files she has to protect Arthur Picoli.

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