BBB21: Without Juliette, the public chooses Carla Diaz to plug a hole in the false wall


Carla Diaz was chosen by the BBB21 audience and won the fake wall of this edition. With 62.40% of the votes, the actress won the race against Arthur Picoli, Caio Afiune and João Luiz Pedrosa. Now, the sister will spend time in a secret room, where she will have the chance to follow some moments of the participants who are at the house.

João Luiz was in second place as favorite to face the wall, with 28.07%. Caio received 8.25%, and Arthur counted only 1.28% of the votes.

The fake hot seat disappointed many fans of the reality show. On social media, Juliette Freire was the favorite to face the dynamics, since she has been the subject of gossip and criticism in confinement.

Without the lawyer, the public was divided between Carla and João Luiz. Much has been said about the inability of the actress to assume the role of avenger of the program due to the fact of insisting on the relationship with Arthur. With the sister’s burnt film, the teacher won a slice of favoritism.

Despite the dispute between the two friends, fans of the attraction decided to give a vote of confidence to Carine’s interpreter in A Força do Querer. Now, the artist is expected to put aside her passion for the crossfit instructor and be able to judge the dangerous situations of the game from a more distant place.

In the secret room, Carla will be able to use a two-hour card to access the pay-per-view. She will have six cards to spend during her stay. After that time, the television will be muted. After returning home, the celebrity will gain the power to veto the angel’s choices within two weeks.

The brothers who won second and third place escape the veto. The least loved of the public wins a two-vote vote in the confessional, within two weeks.

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