Before A Fazenda 13, blogger spread fake news about ‘medicine’ for Covid-19


After the announcement that Marina Ferrari will be one of the participants of A Fazenda 13, Twitter users unearthed a video in which the blogger appeared publicizing a hair supplement as a form of prevention against Covid-19.

In the recording, the influencer from Alagoas appeared holding the product packaging and indicating it to her followers: “It’s my vitamin that helps in the growth and strengthening of hair and nails. But it also has other vitamins, C, D, which help with immunity. So anything that helps immunity prevents the corona[vírus]”.

At the time the video was recorded, netizens criticized Marina’s statement. “Nothing beats Marina Ferrari taking Gummy Hair to prevent Covid. The cream of the horror show for bloggers,” lamented user Clarissa.

This Monday (13), after Record announced the casting of the influencer for the confinement reality, the video returned to circulation. “Every time the video of Marina Ferrari indicating the Gummy Hair against Covid is shown in the timelime, I lose 10 years of my life”, reacted a netizen identified as Caca.

“I don’t get Covid, you know why? I take Gummy Hair. Thank you, Marina Ferrari, you’ve done more than the [Instituto] Butantan”, joked internet user Nando.

Wanted by TV news, the staff of alagoana claimed that the advertising had been made based on the guidelines requested by the responsible for the brand, which aimed to highlight the importance of the product in strengthening the immune system.

“It is noteworthy that this publicity was made at the beginning of the pandemic (March 2020), a time when many measures had not yet been announced and it was not known about the severity and impact of covid-19, nor about all care measures. The businesswoman –for several other times– he stressed the importance of care and knows well all the recommendations regarding the virus.”

“We also emphasize that, at this moment, the focus of Marina Ferrari’s team is totally on following the businesswoman’s game in A Fazenda. We will not enter into any kind of controversy that tries to take the focus away from the businesswoman’s performance in the reality of Record”, he added Marina’s team.

Watch the video and check out the reactions: