Between clashes with Karol Conká and memes: the rise of Camilla de Lucas to the final of ‘BBB 21’ – Prime Time Zone


Influencer escaped the last wall of the edition and disputes the prize of R $ 1.5 million with Fiuk and Juliette

Playback / GloboCamilla de Lucas, Karol Conká – 20/02/2021

A final do Big Brother Brasil 21 is formed and, after the elimination of Gil do Vigor with 50.87% of the votes, Fiuk, Juliette and Camilla de Lucas dispute the last open vote for the prize of R $ 1.5 million. Invited by the program management to participate in the reality show, Lucas stretcher was part of the group ‘box’ and gained popularity on social networks by producing videos that range from traditional beauty tips to humor skits that fell in the tastes of internet users. In the reality show, the influencer, born in Nova Iguaçu (RJ), had a trajectory surrounded by memes – as was already expected by the fans – and some tense moments of clash, among them a famous discussion with Karol Conká.

Anyone who thinks that the presence of Camilla de Lucas in the final of the BBB it is something that happened by chance, since the influencer had internal performance already praised for the production of the program and an example of this is the fact that her first wall happened a few days before the final decision of the program. About this, Camilla says she is very proud and guarantees that she followed the main objective of all participants in the reality: to escape from the wall. Despite the game, which ends up putting participants in extreme situations, the influencer has already started to render memes in the first minutes of her participation in the program. One of the most commented moments of the first day of reality was the fact that the participant, despite being from the group of guests, was not known by all the participants and Caio, who was a ‘popcorn’, even asked if the influencer was famous. In the situation, Camilla was in a good mood and remembered that inside the house everyone was the same.

To have a good relationship in the house, the influencer said that she followed her heart and always tried to be an ear and a friendly hug for everyone in the house, but that was not what happened during the entire program. Camilla de Lucas gained prominence in the program and won the favoritism of many netizens after a remarkable clash with Karol Conká, at the beginning of the game, after some attitudes by the singer, who was eliminated with 99.17% of the votes. According to Camilla, Conká was throwing the seeds to set the house on fire and she would not accept this type of manipulation, especially when her name was involved. In this discussion, the influencer ‘hit head on’ with Karol and said phrases that went into the most talked about subjects on social networks, such as “you can be Karol Conká mad out there, but here is another mad” and catchwords like the famous ones’ kisses’ sent by the influencer in the middle of the confusion. The moment was one of the biggest sources of memes in the entire edition of the program. Check out some.

One of the highlights of Camilla de Lucas’ participation was the friendship of the influencer with professor João Luiz, from the ‘popcorn’ group. The duo was known on the internet as’ twins of the Beyoncé‘ and showed that it is possible to create deep bonds in a reality show. Camilla was João’s biggest supporter throughout her participation in the program, especially in the controversial episode of the accusations of racism against Rodolffo, who said that João’s hair was similar to the wig of the monster of the week, who was a caveman. The pair used to say that they had a connection beyond the program and that their story began on the first day, as they were announced together to the public and were the first to embrace. When João was eliminated, on a wall against Arthur and Pocah, the official profile of Camilla de Lucas on social media thanked the partnership of the two and the welcome that the teacher had with the influencer. “João leaves the game today, but he goes into the history of Camilla with no departure date”, they wrote.

Towards the end of the program, Camilla gained even more prominence by allying herself with Juliette Freire, who is also in the final. The participants were very close since the breakup of the G3 0- trio formed by Gil, Juliette and Sarah -0 and Camilla became part of the make-up artist’s ‘final dream’. This friendship may have been decisive for Camilla’s permanence in the top 3 of the program, since, outside the game, to respect the will of Juliette, the fans of Paraiba – who has more than 23 million followers on Instagram – decided to vote in Gil to protect Camilla. In the networks, the influencer team celebrated this achievement more.