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Big Boss explains how Globo chooses the soap operas of Vale a Pena Ver de Novo


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Chosen to replace Laços de Família (2000), the soap opera Ti-ti-ti (2010) arrives in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo on March 29. But how is the process of selecting the plots that will occupy the afternoon reruns? Amauri Soares, head of Globo’s programming, explains.

According to the now director of Canal TV Globo – as his position was called after the restructuring of the Group’s companies last year – the process that mobilizes various sectors of Globo takes into account multiple criteria, such as the year of original exhibition , the adequacy of the story to the schedule and the way the plot has aged.

Soares defines the planning of reruns as a “very well structured” process, which also involves the analysis of the plots displayed and planned for prime time.

“We looked at the set because it is important to have the vision of the panel of stories that we are going to tell over the course of a year, for example. So, we also take into account the synopses of the unpublished novels to choose the work of Vale a Pena. range of different stories, with varied themes, to enrich the audience’s experience “, he details in an exclusive interview to TV News.

The director explains that Globo’s Content sector selects the titles to be replayed. The next step is to introduce them to the other areas of the channel, mainly Programming, Marketing and Intelligence. The decisions, he insists on stressing, are taken together.

Planning in advance

The entire articulation is done well in advance. By default, a three-year cycle is planned, but updates can be made every 12 months. Thus, even before their re-launch, Ti-ti-ti already has its two substitutes defined.

“The other two novels that were in the race with Ti-ti-ti were also considered appropriate for the Vale a Pena schedule and with relevant, engaging stories. Therefore, they were not discarded. We decided to schedule the three. One following the I’m not going to tell you here what they are so as not to spoil the surprise, ”he says.

Understanding whether the story “aged” well is also a determining factor in deciding the return of a soap opera to open TV. And yet the department finds some surprises along the way.

In Laços de Família, for example, the public sees with different eyes the treatment that Helena (Vera Fischer) gives to the maid Zilda (Thalma de Freitas) – black, she is a kind of handyman for the boss and her neighbors, without defined work schedule–. Pedro (José Mayer) ‘s extremely macho and abusive behavior is also barely 21 years after the original screening.

Soares emphasizes that Globo is attentive to the new perceptions of the viewer. “It is important to remember that both the country and society change over a period of five, eight or ten years. And these transformations make the viewer see history each time in a different way. Our role is to be in tune with the public of today and know how to evaluate if a work is still relevant, if it is still engaging “, he concludes.

Do I veto Xuxa?

The director recalls that additional factors are considered. Last year, when the special edition of Totalmente Demais (2015) came to an end, netizens campaigned for the remake of rival stylists signed by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari to be shown again at 19h.

“The audience’s support for one or another novel is, yes, taken into account. As well as other very important parameters, such as the appropriateness of the story for the time, the year in which the novel was first broadcast and the performance in the exhibition unprecedented. It was based on these criteria that we chose Ti-ti-ti “, concludes.

The repercussion that the story had in 2010 and the fact that it was a light plot, which fits in the afternoon, made the plot of rivalry between Jacques Leclair (Alexandre Borges) and Victor Valentim (Murilo Benício) a potential candidate for the Worth seeing again.

However, even within all requirements, Maria Adelaide Amaral’s novel spent a decade in the drawer (the plot almost entered the grid in 2016, but was changed, at the last minute, by Cheias de Charme). On the internet, the theory was created that Xuxa Meneghel’s going to Record would be blocking the exhibition, in order not to promote a competition star.

That’s because Jaqueline Maldonado (Claudia Raia) was in love with the presenter. In addition to the various mentions, the eternal queen of the short ones also participates in the soap opera. In chapter 180, the blonde makes a surprise appearance on the birthday of her biggest fan and dances Ilariê with the cast.

Questioned, Soares rejects this hypothesis. “Not at all. You just need to see how Xuxa has participated in Globo’s programs [no próximo sábado, 27, ela estará no Caldeirão do Huck]. The issue is really the variety of stories. The main criterion is the well-balanced mix, in harmony with the other plots. In this process, sometimes, a soap opera takes longer than another to be replayed. It happened with Ti-ti-ti “, he points out.

Another issue of Vale a Pena Ver de Novo is the image format in the older soap operas. In these cases, the broadcaster has resorted to false HD, as is currently the case with Laços de Família. To fill the entire screen, Globo zooms in on the scenes or stretches the images, deforming the actors’ faces.

Although this strategy is not unanimous among those who watch, nothing should change. “We heard the viewer a lot about it. And we know that the presence of TV sets in 16: 9 format has grown a lot in recent years. Therefore, we have chosen to use 16: 9 format in reruns. Our Technology team has resources to expand the image without harming the original quality and framing. This process is increasingly sophisticated, with increasingly better results. The public has already realized this “, he concludes.



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